About Me


Anne Buchanan, MA

I bring together a unique combination of restorative justice principles and practices to support people who want to find a better way to work through conflict, disagreements, and misunderstanding. Whether through our legal systems, schools, faith-based communities, families, or organizations, my practice is based on the belief that repairing relationships should be the primary focus for finding transformative solutions to confusing and difficult conflict situations.

Focused on Peacemaking Circles, my practice includes program development, training, and facilitation services that are aligned with a restorative and cooperative approach to building healthy relationships as a foundational approach to repairing harm, healing, and transforming conflict - while making it all feel like there is hope for peaceful co-existence. My approach is designed to address the underlying influences that are harming individuals, families, and groups of people within our communities, leading to a deeper understanding of the issue that lay a foundation for sustainable, healing solutions.

I work with youth, adults, and families using Peacemaking Circles, Victim-Offender Dialogue, Community Conferencing, and restorative mediation spanning courts, educational institutions, and faith-based and other communities in Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego Counties. My colleagues and clients have called me humblegenuine, helpful, and a gifted listener.

And when I’m not facilitating or designing Peacemaking Circle programs, you can find me reading, making travel plans, and spending time with family and friends. One of my favorite guilty pleasures is streaming videos (most recent - Stranger Things).

Huntington Beach, California



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